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Hi everyone,
We would love for you to share pictures of you, your child, or whomever sporting their Trendie Tubies Accessory and let us know your thoughts about our product .
Set A Trend for other "Tubies" out there and let them know what you think of Trendie Tubies

Here is a picture of Courtney wearing one of her favorite Trendie Tubies.   Doesn't it make her Button look cute?!
"I love Trendie Tubies. They have improved my tube site so much by reducing skin irritation and eliminating my
 granulation tissue problem. They are so cute and give me a reason to smile now when using my tube!" -Courtney P. 20

Now it's your turn! We want to hear from you! Send us a picture with your name, age, and what you think of our product at and we will feature you right here on our website!!!
The Trendie Tubies Team

Your Trends
"She is 1 year old and we LOVE Trendie Tubies so much!! Way better than plain gauze and they are so fun! We get so many compliments from them. We feel they give her some personality and individualism!" -Bryttanie N

"I love Trendie Tubies because they work so well for my large PEG G-tube and helps with the drainage
 around the tube that can cause irritation. I also love how they let me 'dress up' my tube for the day.
 I'm not always
 happy I have a tube, but I love getting to have fun with it's style everyday. My favorite are the flowers." -Aly B. 19 

"I love Trendie Tubies. They're cute and have helped me so much with the rashes I was getting from gauze and tape..
All of my friends have said it was such a smart idea. They make me feel good and I can match them with certain clothing.
In fact, I need to buy more because I just love them so much!" -Melissa L. 32.