June will be a busy month bringing with it two amazing opportunities for Courtney.

Not only will she be receiving a service dog after a year or so of being on a waiting list but she is also headed to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota the following week. The timing couldn't be worse but both opportunities are important to her.

We will have to fly to Kansas and stay in hotel for ten days while going through training classes with the new dog and then from there fly to Minnesota for a week of testing that we hope will bring us answers and get Courtney off of TPN. 

We are currently selling Dysautonomia Awareness bracelets for $5 no shipping cost. As of now we have the teal ones available in the photos below and in the near future we will also be selling a  red one that says "STOP POTS" on the front and "Beat Dysautonomia" on the back. Please consider purchasing a bracelet under the "Shop Now" tab and help get Courtney to the Mayo Clinic!  

Thank you,
The Trendie Tubies Team

Front view: (Dysautonomia) 

Back view: (Determination & Dignity)