About Us

Trendie Tubies Accessories are hand crafted by a Mother-Daughter Duo.

All items are handcrafted and not mass produced so each item is unique and will not be uniform.

 Trendie Tubies are a comfortable & absorbent machine washable pad that helps with the leakage that is common with G-tubes, 
J-tubes and GJ-tubes.  They work for both button tubes and peg tubes and even trach's!

Each Trendie Tubie Accessory is approximately 2 3/4 inches round and made up of 3 layers of fabric sewn together.
   -The top layer is a soft flannel with a cute design of your choice.
   -The middle layer is cotton terry cloth to absorb any moisture and leakage.
   -The bottom layer is fleece for a soft comfortable feeling next to the skin preventing irritation and granulation tissue. 
   -They have a small Velcro tab for easy closure and are double zig-zag stitched to minimize fraying edges.

All materials have been pre-washed.

Allergy Alert - We have an extended family of dogs, cats & horses...be aware just in case allergies are a concern.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.Your comments & feedback are always appreciated.  

We can be contacted at info@TrendieTubies.com
or visit us on facebook at 


  Courtney & Cathy 2011 -  Founders of Trendie Tubies